Cypress | eau de parfum

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Over 3 years in the making using old world parfumerie techniques, locally harvested wild elements and the finest natural ingredients from around the world. I am delighted to share the natural beauty of “Cypress” eau de parfum with you!  *proprietary blend of over 30 natural elements coming together in a warm and wildly earthy natural fragrance.

**only 100 bottles made. ** Each perfume once launched is created once in my lifetime, a “mortal perfume” and will never be duplicated.. 

A symphony of exotic warmth with a wild bohemian heart, this scent matures beautifully on the skin.

warm. woodsy. earthy. 

Main Notes

western red cedar | vanilla | patchouli | sitka spruce | juniper | sandalwood

bergamot | rosewood | oud | jasmine sambac | vetiver


Refillable bottle. Vegan. Natural. Slow Parfumerie