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Forage | Blessing Bundles

Forage | Blessing Bundles

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Forage - Blessing Bundles include sustainable cedar ethically hand harvested in Ucluelet BC. Traditionally used for cleansing and protection, cedar smoke is commonly used in sweat lodge ceremonies and to strengthen and dedicate sacred spaces. The smoke of burning cedar is said to attract good energy, while eliminating negative energies. It is also believed to revive the spirit and to help with fatigue and listlessness. The smell of burning cedar immediately evokes a sense of calm and wellbeing, creating a veil of purification and protection.



Blessing Bundles may also include hand harvested Juniper, hand harvested wild Okanagan sage, and a variety of herbs and flowers, either grown by Hanna and Starlyn or recycled from bouquets and flower arrangements.

About The Women of WestWick

Starlyn and Hanna founded their creative collective, WestWick, with the intention of sharing their love for nature, community, and the West Coast. Their passion is finding ritual and sacredness in the everyday experience. 
Both Hanna and Starlyn were raised by ‘hippy parents’ off grid in the Brisitsh Columbian wilderness, and came away from childhood with a deep sense of connection to nature and respect for the power of old wisdom and tradition.
Between Hanna and Starlyn they have 6 kids, whom have all grown up in Ucluelet. Raising kids makes for busy, noisy, joy filled days. They both agree that WestWick is a haven, and an opportunity to reconnect with themselves away from the demands of motherhood. 
Blending tradition and ritual with everyday life on the modern day West Coast, and sharing their vision of using sustainably and ethically harvested local resources in their creations, continues to be the guiding force behind WestWick.
Sharing their creations with others and knowing they connect and resonate with people from around the world is rewarding beyond measure.
Follow them on Instagram @westwickwitches
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