All Natural Holiday Gift Guide

Discover the essence of heartfelt giving this holiday season with our curated list of gifts, where each handpicked treasure reflects the warmth of Canadian brands. Embrace the joy of supporting local makers as we share a collection of handcrafted wonders, thoughtfully made with love and care. From the rugged landscapes of Canada to the hands that mold and create, every item in our guide is a celebration of authenticity, showcasing the beauty of gifts that are not only made, but crafted with passion and pride. Join us on a journey through the finest in all-natural, handmade wonders, each embodying the true essence of Canadian craftsmanship.

Yoga Mat Spray

Yogi on your list? This antibacterial mat spray from Mint cleaning smells so refreshing you’ll want to spray it everywhere. Made with 100% all natural ingredients and the pure essential oils of Juniper, Mint and Lime.

yoga mat spray

Shower Steamers 

Gift the self care intention of a bath bomb or bath salts, but for shower lovers- with these shower steamers from mint cleaning. They are naturally scented with Mint, Eucalyptus and Lavender essential oils and create a blissful, steamy oasis that is sure to relax those who need it. 

Do they make shower bath bombs?


Tanning Foam 

Turn your friends onto an eco-friendly, all natural kind of tan with Salty Face. This clear formula harnesses its magic from sugar beets, is vegan, acne safe, and comes in a sturdy glass foaming bottle. The best part is, they make tan refills- less waste! 

refillable tanning mousse


The Scrungee by Chelsea King

The scrungee is a fantastic solution to hair breakage from ponytails. Our favourite Canadian hair accessories brand, Chelsea King has re-imagined the scrunchy this hair tie is designed to hold your ponytail in place without having to twist and loop the hair through an elastic band. It simply wraps around, and keeps your hairdo securely in place during anything from a workout to gardening, it will do the trick. This gift would be especially thoughtful for someone trying to prioritize their hair health.

scrunchie alternatives


Bud Vase 

These artisan bud vases are hand made by Karla Strickland in Tofino BC, each one is unique, beautiful, and a timeless gift for anyone who enjoys elevating their space. 

Artsy gift ideas


Aztec Throw 

Modest maverick creates beautiful multipurpose wool throws that can be used at the beach, around the fire, cozied up on the couch, and anywhere you need a little extra warmth. Wool is a natural insulator which makes it a great fabric for heat regulating while also repelling dirt and water. She has many gorgeous patterns, but this one is our favourite. 

Boho Wool Blanket


White Plush Robe 

Who doesn’t love a luxuriously plush hotel style robe? I know we do! These handmade lush robes are a versatile gift for anyone on your list that will be used all year long.They are eco-friendly, fair trade, and handmade by traditional artisans in Turkey.

plush thick white housecoat


Calm Candle 

Unveil the magic of the season with our cream-colored, handmade ceramic candle, a sensory delight that blends elegance with tranquility. Infused with the calming essence of lavender and crafted from all-natural soy and coconut wax, this eco-friendly gem not only illuminates your space but also embraces you with a naturally subtle and clean burn—a perfect gift for those who appreciate the artistry of relaxation.

handmade candle bowls


Essential Oil Blends 

Indulge your senses and elevate your well-being with our exquisite 30 mL essential oil blends—a perfect addition to any wellness enthusiast's gift list. Crafted with precision, each blend is a harmonious fusion of pure, all-natural oils, thoughtfully curated to evoke serenity, energy, or relaxation. From the invigorating notes of citrus to the soothing embrace of lavender, these blends offer a sensory journey designed to enhance any moment. Elevate the gifting experience with these aromatic treasures, encapsulated in compact 30 mL bottles—a delightful way to share the gift of tranquility and balance.

canadian essential oil makers


Christmas Collection of Teas 

This 3 pack collection of Seasonal Teas from Bush Berry are as delicious as they sound. Treat a special someone to the warmth of Christmas Orange, Honeybush Cider, and Ginger Ale, with this limited edition collection they can create cherished moments throughout the winter months.

Variety tea packs

Decadent box of Hand Made Chocolates

This is not your average box of chocolates! Gift the joy of supporting Canadian made, artisan chocolates featuring delightful shapes inspired by the West Coast Culture that Tofino is known for. This box features all of Tofino Chocolate’s most popular varieties 

Chocolate Sea Shells

Looking for a personalized holiday shopping experience? Reach out to us on Instagram @tofinosoapco and tell us about the person you’re shopping for. We’ll make customized recommendations based on their likes and lifestyle.


Warmest wishes for a happy holiday season,

Tofino Soap Company Team


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