Immerse Your Space in the Enchanting Aromas of Tofino

At Tofino Soap Company, we have spent the last decade perfecting our craft of creating thoughtful bath, body, and home products inspired by the natural beauty of Tofino and Vancouver Island. We believe in the healing power of nature and aim to bring its essence into your daily life. Our candles are no exception, meticulously handcrafted with love and attention to detail, using carefully selected ingredients to create a serene experience.

  • Indulge in Nature's Finest Ingredients

    Your Tofino candle was handcrafted right here on Vancouver Island, using our special blend of sustainable coconut wax and non-GMO soy wax. We take pride in using only the purest ingredients, including signature wildcrafted botanical infusions and pure essential oils. Each candle features a braided cotton and hemp wick – and is a testament to the transformative power of natural elements.

  • Artistry Meets Sustainability

    We believe in collaborating with local artisans who share our passion for conscious living. Every ceramic candle tumbler or jar is individually handcrafted by our kind-hearted friend and local artisan, Karla Strickland. This collaboration ensures that each candle is a unique piece of art, created with utmost care and attention to detail. By supporting local craftsmanship, we are making a positive impact on our community and fostering a sense of connection.

Make the Most of Your Candle

Keep that wick trimed

Before each use, trim the candle wick to a quarter inch. This promotes an even burn and prevents soot buildup. 

Light It Up

During the initial burn and subsequent uses, allow the candle to burn until the entire top layer of wax liquefies, reaching the edge of the ceramic tumbler. This ensures an even burn throughout and optimizes the longevity of your candle.

Time for a New Candle

When only a half inch of wax remains, it's time to bid farewell to your current candle. This prevents overheating of the ceramic tumbler and ensures you have an enjoyable burning experience every time.

Re-Purpose with Joy

When your candle has reached its end, give the ceramic jar new life. Wash it out with warm soapy water and explore its endless possibilities. Whether you use it as a planter, store your makeup brushes, or savor your favorite beverage, let your imagination run wild.

Plant It Forward

Each dust cover that comes with your candle contains plantable wildflowers. Instead of composting or recycling it, please plant the cover and enjoy beautiful wildflowers for years to come.

Safety First, Always

To ensure a safe and enjoyable experience with our candles, remember these essential guidelines:

  • Burn your candles for no longer than 4 hours at a time.

  • Protect the surface beneath your candle by placing it on fire-resistant surfaces only.

  • Never leave a lit candle unattended or within reach of pets or children.

Join the Tofino Soap Company Community

We love hearing from our community and seeing how you repurpose your ceramic tumblers. Share your creative endeavors by tagging us @tofinosoapco on social media. Let's inspire each other to embrace the beauty of sustainability and conscious living.