All natural shave for sensitive skin, using clean ingredients

Our 'The Woods' all natural soap is our favorite for a smooth shave, it is perfect for sensitive skin, the cedar, fir and spruce are high in anti-inflammatory and skin soothing properties. 

Our secret to a smooth, bump free shave?

Step 1. Exfoliate! Get rid of all those dead skin cells to avoid them clogging up your razor and pores. The oils in scrubs also leave your skin slick, and ready for a smooth shave. We recommend our Surf Scrub. 

Step 2. Lather up your soap, here, we use a coarse bristle shave brush, but your hands, or sponge will work fine too. Once you have a decent lather going, coat the area you are about to shave. 

Step 3. Shave. I trust you can figure this part out yourself.

Step 4. Rinse, and if any bumps or sensitivity appears, use Our Lavender and Chamomile Oil Roller to soothe inflammation and speed up the healing process. 

Any of our soaps would work great as shaving cream, it all depends on your skin needs. 

Sensitive Skin: The Woods soap.

Oily or Acne Prone Skin: The Waters Detoxifying Soap 

Dry Skin: Illume Quartz Soap 

Irritated Skin: Such as psoriasis, or eczema- we would first suggest not shaving and instead giving your skin some love with our Calm Balm. Once flare ups have settled, our Calm Soap may be the best choice.

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