At home spa pedicure

We now offer all the products you need for the most invigorating, aromatherapy pedicure, right from the comfort of your own home. 

Step 1. Add a few drops of Waters essential oil blend to a basin of hot water. Feel free to add wildflowers, salts, and anything else that makes the experience more enjoyable for you.

Step 2. Soak your feet for 15 minutes, while you sip tea, and read a book.

Step 3. Deeply exfoliate your skin using our Clay pumice stone to slough off any calluses or dry patches, finish with Surf scrub, to scrub away any remaining dead skin cells (like between your toes, and your cuticles) and allow the coconut oil to provide some extra moisturizing. Rinse

Step 4. Moisturize your feet with a thick balm like our Calm balm, apply an oil roller like our Rose and Cedar oil blend to your cuticles, for maximum pampering and shine. 

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