DIY At Home Spa Facial ft. K'Pure Naturals


Wash your face with our gentle detoxifying soap (the waters) and a gentle sponge. We like to cut our sea sponges into 3 pieces to make the perfect size for face washing.


Put 1" of hot boiling water in a bowl. Put your head 6" away in height from the water, so you can feel the steam on your face, but not too hot, play with your distance so that you are comfortable. This will open up your pores. Place a towel over your shoulders to create a mini sauna for your face, stay in here for 20 seconds.


Scrub your face with a gentle oil based exfoliator. The oil helps it glide over your skin to avoid unnecessary pulling. We love K'Pure Naturals Perk Up!


Rinse off the scrub and apply a nourishing mask like K'Pure's Goal Digger, which is great for detoxing, hydration and repairing skin. We find that it is a nice and gentle mask great for all skin types.


Relax while your mask does it's magic (maybe read a good book and grab a tea?) 10-15 minutes. 


Rinse and pat dry.


Tone your skin with our aloe and lavender mist. The aloe hydrates, plumps and firms, and the lavender and chamomile soothe any redness and irritation. 


Repair the epidermis with our Nootka Rose and Yarrow Facial oil, designed with mature skin in mind, full of antioxidants and replenishing oils, it will promote healing of hyperpigmentation, and fine lines. Ps. It smells like a fresh rose.

Skin a little more on the acne prone side? Try our Fireweed Facial oil instead.

STEP 9: 

Replenish lost moisture and protect the skins natural barrier with this ultra hydrating balm from K'Pure. It will help seal in all those antioxidants and nutrients from your facial. We recommend not wearing any makeup for 12 hours after this skincare routine to reap maximum benefits. 

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