Our Favorite Ways to Upcycle our Clay Candle Vessels

Our candles come in beautiful, hand made terra cotta and white clay vessels, glazed on the inside so they can be re-purposed as drinkware, for your favorite hot and cold beverages! You can also use them many other ways, here is a list to help you get the most out of your candle!

  • A planter to propagate plants for friends
  • A plant pot for yourself!
  • A coffee mug
  • A sturdy outdoor wine glass
  • Keep by the sink to hold your toothbrush, and use as a rinse cup
  • Put a tea light in it to prolong it's use as a candle
  • Makeup brush holder
  • Pencil holder
  • Keep on your nightstand for a drink of water
  • Keep your essential oils or oil rollers in it
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