Simple Ways To Relax This Fall

Autumn is the time of year that we return to our regular routines. Life starts to get buzzing again as we leave the vacation mindset of summer and fill our schedules with meetings and to-do lists.

As our lives get busier, it becomes more important to make time for yourself and reconnect with what makes you feel content and at ease. To help you unwind, we’ve gathered up simple ways for you to relax this fall. 

Cycle Through Nature

Is there anything better than the rich, changing colors of fall trees? 

Before winter breezes in, take your bicycle out for the last few rides of the season. We know that exercise provides a multitude of physical benefits, but it also releases endorphins and feel-good chemicals that help us to relax and elevate our mood

Be sure to take some deep breaths of the fresh air and give yourself extra time to stop along your journey to sit, relax, and have a snack. Take in all of your gorgeous surroundings and remind yourself of all of the things you are grateful for.

Create an Easy Listening Playlist

It’s easy to get stuck in a music rut. You know the feeling: playing what feels like the same albums over and over until you’re tired of music and don’t turn it on.

Music is a great way to reconnect with what lights you up and makes you feel like your best self. Music can inspire you and calm you.

This season, try searching your music platform for new music that you haven’t heard before. Download a calming playlist and put it on while you’re taking a break from work, cooking dinner, or having some leisure time in the evening. 

Scrub Away Stress

Getting busy again can cause our stress levels to increase and our feel-good hormones to decrease, leaving us feeling burnt out and unhappy.

One of the most effective ways to beat stress is to take time away from your work and spend more time engaged in self-care. In addition to melting stress away, self-care can also help with:

  • Building a stronger relationship with yourself
  • Enhancing mind clarity
  • Improving mental health

What is more relaxing than a calm, warm bath? While you’re in the bath, get rid of any dry skin and tension from the week with our Surf Sea Scrub. An invigorating blend of coffee, sea salt, and coconut buffs away dead skin while seaweed and mint refresh your senses.

Connect With Loved Ones

Do you know the feeling of recharge that you get when you spend time with someone who brings you joy? Let’s take advantage of that more often.

Make a point to connect with an old or new friend. Go for a coffee, plan a picnic, or take a walk through nature to reunite and catch up.

Explore Your Creativity

What makes you feel you are most alive? Sometimes we get lost in the day-to-day and forget to connect with what makes us feel like our true selves. 

Even if you don’t feel like you are the most creative person, trying a new artistic outlet like painting, writing, or making music can ignite sparks inside yourself that you didn’t know you had. And don’t worry - even the greats once started out as beginners. 

Treat Yourself

Do you feel like you sometimes put your job, family, friends, and responsibilities above your own needs? It’s more common than you think. That’s precisely why setting a designated time for yourself is so important. To be clear, there’s a large difference between doing something for yourself when you have time and creating time for yourself. 

Once a week, we love to set aside an hour or two to put on a hair mask, warm a tea, and read a book. Disconnect from your phone and laptop and just be in the moment with yourself and a good story.

For the hair mask, we adore using the Calm Nourishing Balm because of its densely nourishing ingredients like cocoa butter, coconut oil, and shea butter. Put this on the ends of your dry hair, pull your hair back and leave it in while you enjoy your book and tea. Once you’re finished, have a shower and shampoo your hair as normal. This gives the hair mask time to deeply moisturize thirsty hair. 

What are some of your favourite ways to relax? Share your tips in the comment section below and connect with us on Instagram for exclusive content @tofinosoapco.

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