Our seasonal Terra Cotta Candle makes a great planter pot!

Our seasonal terra cotta candle was created with the intention of being useful beyond the life of the candle. Plants love these hand crafted, clay vessels glazed on the inside. They don't leak, but breathe well, providing ventilation for your plants soil, the color of the clay does not change when you water them. Plants thrive in terra cotta! 

Simply wash your used candle vessel in hot soapy water, and plant a new plant baby in it, or a propagation off a plant you already have, for a beautiful new planter pot. 

These vessels can also be used to store pens, makeup brushes, dish washing brushes, tea spoons, to enjoy hot or cold drinks, and anything else you can think of, get creative!

Great news! All of our candles now come in eco-friendly clay vessels, click here to see our white clay version that all our signature scents now come in. 

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