Currently located on ocean front property in the beautiful surf town of Tofino, located on Vancouver Island. This Industrial West Coast tiny house provides owner, digital nomad, Kendra Stoner the ideal tiny impact living.
Her outdoorsy lifestyle includes free diving, surfing, being out on the ocean, foraging, gardening, climbing, golfing, and frolicking in the woods. Her philosophy for living has always been living out of spaces, not in them. A comfortable place to lay her head and work from home has continued to be the goal and a fun progression has happened throughout the years. 
Starting van life in 2016 while traveling on the road following her passions and free wifi, to then purchasing a travel trailer in Tofino on ocean front property, to now purchasing a tiny house on wheels and replacing the camper with this! 
The 312 square-foot tiny home is 13.5 feet high, 26 feet long, 8.5 feet wide and weighs about 13,500 pounds!
While COVID threw some unusual difficulties during this build, the primary focus remained on small environmental impact, sustainability, off-grid capability, and local sourcing.  Using a compostable toilet, propane stove, propane hot water on demand system, a slanted roof for water catching capabilities, and solar outdoor lights are to name a few conscious choices during the build. 
Eventually, the goal is to be able to have the tiny house completely off grid with enough solar to run the electrical, a source of off-grid internet for work, and a water catching system/source to be able to sustain water intake.
A note from Kendra:
I wanted to showcase some of the epic pieces and products I’ve incorporated and have been enjoying in my tiny home that align with my values and need to be talked about! 
I’ve been so amped on using my Tofino Soap Co.’s products. Knowing the products I am using are 100% natural, free from toxic products & plastics, and created right here on Vancouver Island aligns beautifully with my tiny living impact goals. They actively seek new ways to reduce their environmental footprint and are incredibly mindful when choosing their ingredients. They even use wrapping that have been already used by other companies’ shipments!

My favourite products:

-the biodegradable, waste free body soap bars and dish soap bars paired with their beautiful ceramic soap dishes. Knowing my soapy suds are safe for my environment makes cleaning more enjoyable! 
-the vegan body wash, shampoo, & conditioner that leaves my skin and hair feeling fresh and smelling delicious. I will definitely be purchasing their eco-refills for these products as I'm obsessed!
-the candles are so light and refreshing in my tiny space. The best part is that they are placed in re-usable ceramic mugs which fill my heart with joy knowing once I’m done burning them I can reuse and not waste the containers!
-the stress release mist truly brightens my mood every time I spray myself with it. A mid-day refresh during my work day is spectacular and a spray before bed .
Tofino Soap Co. must be on your list, their social media is awe-inspiring and their products look absolutely stunning, and work so incredibly well. 
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