What's in our Beach Bag

For as long as I can remember, I’ve loved packing my beach bag. Once a beach day was planned, I would start putting it together the night before. It started with grabbing my designated “beach bag” – deciding which book I wanted to bring along to read, picking out my spf, and packing any products I might need. If you’re headed to the beach, there really is something fun about preparing your beach bag ahead of time – it really amps up your excitement for finally being at the beach!

So on that note, today I thought it would be fun to share what’s in my beach bag. This year I’ve been using my Tofino Towel Company's The Traveler Tote (you can get your own HERE ) as a beach bag and I’m really in love with it. You can fit so much! And the straps are so comfy on your shoulder no matter how heavy the bag gets. There's even a zippered pocket inside which I like to keep my keys and cell phone in so I am not digging into the abyss for them.

Along with my sunscreen, I always pack an aloe spray because it is hydrating on a hot day, and a lavender roll-on oil to help soothe bug bites in a pinch. Lip balm is also a necessary thing because your lips are the most sensitive skin on your body and are the first thing to dry out in the sun. 

Lastly, you will never find me on the beach without my Tofino Towel and a good read! I find poetry books are my favourite for the beach, because you can set them down and go do something else, and just consume them in little bits. It’s perfect because it gets you pondering but you can still relax at the same time.

Some other items I always pack with me include a hair tie, sunglasses, huge water bottle, a snack and a hat. And maybe a Elderflower Gin from Straight and Narrow too ;)

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