Why these mists are a must

Surf Beach Mist:

I love going to the beach.  The sun, the waves, the sand, oh, and the saltwater!  I love the way the salt water gives hair texture and makes it so wavy!

When your hair is wet with saltwater, more hydrogen and salt are getting under your hair cuticles.  When your hair dries, the salt reaches the cuticle layer, forming little microscopic fibers between cells, and this makes curls much easier to form.

Ocean water or salt sprays can give hair texture, turn waves to curls, and make curly hair even more curly.  That is why your hair gets extra wavy when you are at the beach!

Our Surf Beach Spray also contains Peppermint which is great for the hair as it promotes hair growth and thickness.

This fresh beachy blend is naturally remineralizing and hydrating with coconut and aloe to balance the drying effects salt may have. Use it to add waves and texture to your hair or as a refreshing body mist.  


Stress Release Mist:

This spray has so many uses, it really is our most versatile product. Invite a little peace into your day with this naturally soothing blend of botanicals. This mist will leave you and your skin feeling refreshed and calm.

Perfect for after sun soothing, an everyday facial toner, or to help make your home a relaxing oasis.

This light concoction is great as a anti frizz treatment on hair, just sprits a minimal amount on and pat down. The aloe and coconut make it a very hydrating after-sun treatment, and cooling mist. It's also a fantastic toner as the aloe minimizing pores and the lavender calms acne and inflammation. Our customers also rave about it being a great setting spray for makeup.


Both of these mists can be used as body spray (they smell fantastic) and home fragrance spray, and linen refresher. They do a great job neutralizing odors and you get the same benefits from the essential oils used as if they were diffused in a ultrasonic diffuser.

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