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Organic Soap Saver

Organic Soap Saver

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These organic and waste free soap savers are reusable, handy and versatile!

They are hand made using organic cotton with a longer drawstring to hang your soap or shampoo bar in the shower. They are also great for holding your bars in your travels, and also make an excellent exfoliant.

Hot tip : don't let all your little soap ends and scraps go to waste, these soap savers are perfect for getting the most our of your soap and work great for using up all those small awkward lil soap ends.. just pop them in the soap saver = zero waste!

  • extend the life of your natural soap 
  • soap slivers and soap ends wont go to waste
  • eco-friendly replacement for plastic shower puffs
  • store soap and shampoo bars between use 
  • double as a daily exfoliant
  • great for travel



100% Organic Cotton


13 x 15 cm

Care Instructions

Machine wash in warm water, hang to dry. Dry between each use.

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